Handling precautions for the sprayer

Announcer: Yicheng Machinery  TIME:2019-04-23

The boom sprayer is a hydraulic sprayer with a horizontal nozzle or a vertical boom. The machine is a high-efficiency and relatively good field crop spraying machine. It is mainly used for pre-planting, pre-emergence soil treatment and de-worming of soybean, wheat, corn, cotton and other crops. The spray bar sprayer is an ideal field crop plant protection machine with high production efficiency and good spraying effect.

     Pay attention to the following points when using the sprayer:

     1. Before the machine is ready to spray, follow the instructions to prepare the machine, such as lubricating moving parts, tightening loose screws and nuts, and inflating the tires.

     2. Check the shape of the fog and the number of nozzles. Place the syrup in the medicine box of the sprayer sprayer, start it in place, spray under working pressure, observe the spray shape of the spray head. If there is a streamline or skew, you need to change the nozzle.

     3. When the sprayer is calibrated, it can be sprayed 50 meters on the spot, half tank water is installed in the medicine box, the speed and working pressure of the tractor are adjusted, water is sprayed on the measured site, and 50 meters long nozzle is sprayed out. a liquid that weighs or measures grams or meters.

     4. Careful mixing of pesticides is one of the important steps in spray operations. Uneven mixing can result in uneven spraying of pesticides. If it is not properly stirred, some pesticides will form a conversion latex, which is not easy to spray and is not easy to clean. After adding about half a can of water to the medicine box, you can add pesticides or add pesticides to the water.

     5. On-site operators need to pay attention to maintaining forward speed and working pressure. Should also pay attention to the blockage and leakage of the nozzle, control the direction of travel, do not overlap with the spray amplitude of the previous row, and spray, in order to avoid empty tank, causing pump dehydration operation, pay attention to the spray bar and obstacles of the sprayer sprayer Collision, etc.

     6. Clean the sprinkler. After spraying the insecticide, the sprayer needs to be carefully cleaned after spraying the season or repairing the sprayer. After spraying on the surface of the sprayer, the pesticide should be cleaned up in time. The sprayer can be washed with soapy water or a neutral detergent and then rinsed with water. Solid liquid deposits can be scrubbed with a hard brush.

     7. Save the sprayer sprayer. Rinse the nozzle before storage, remove the nozzle, nozzle, nozzle filter, put it into a clean diesel bottle, and place the sprayer indoors to prevent the plastic liquid box from being exposed to the sun.

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