Introduction to the performance characteristics of the self-propelled sprayer

Announcer: Yicheng Machinery  TIME:2019-04-23

The self-propelled sprayer is a high-barley crop spray machine that provides driving force and driving power to complete your work without a power source. It is a planting machinery. It can be widely used in crops such as soybeans, wheat, corn, and potatoes, as well as large-area pre-sowed soils such as Chinese herbal medicines, pastures, and horticultural flowers. The effect of weeding and pest control in seedling stage is better. The performance characteristics of the self-propelled sprayer are as follows:

         1. Water-saving agent: The self-propelled sprayer adopts a special high-pressure nozzle, which has good atomization effect. The atomized liquid is atomized under the air blower, the air is atomized twice, and the blower reaches the leaf surface under the blow, which saves compared with the conventional spray method. The amount of the drug.

         2. The effect is good: by means of the fan, the medicine is sprayed obliquely from the bottom to the top, the blade is swayed under the action of the wind, and the sides of the blade are evenly sprayed. Compared to conventional sprayers, they can only be sprayed on the front of the leaves, while pests are usually on the back of the leaves, while self-spraying can control pests.

         3. Good quality: The self-propelled sprayer uses a diesel engine pump and is stable in operation. The diesel engine can be started manually or electrically, flexible, easy to use, energy efficient and fuel efficient.

         4. Convenient operation: the nozzles on both sides are controlled by valves. They can be opened and stopped in one direction for easy use on the sidewalks of the fields. For orchards of different densities, individual sprinklers can also be controlled.

         5. Wide application range: strong passability, compact body and small size suitable for dense planting orchards, suitable for apples, pears, grapes, mangoes, walnuts, kiwis, etc.

         The self-propelled sprayer has its own power drive and the operator can easily use it in front of the traction direction. One person can operate by himself, and has the advantages of labor saving, fast walking speed and large spraying amount. Automated sprayers can help you save manpower and save time managing your orchard.

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