What are the agricultural control methods for plant protection machinery?

Announcer: Yicheng Machinery  TIME:2019-04-23

The classification methods of plant protection machinery can be generally divided into: manpower (manual) plant protection machinery, animal power plant protection machinery, small power plant protection machinery, tractor supporting plant protection machinery, self-propelled plant protection machinery, and aviation plant protection machinery. According to the method of applying chemical agents, it can be divided into: a spray machine, a dusting machine, a soil treatment machine, a seed treatment machine, a particle spreading machine, and the like.

(1) Spray method - a method of atomizing a chemical solution into a 100 to 300 micrometer by a high pressure pump and a spray head. There are manual and maneuverable points.

(2) Mist method - the high-speed airflow generated by the fan is used to further break up the coarse mist droplets into a droplet of 75-100 micrometers and blow it to a distant place. It is characterized by fine droplets, good dispersion, uniform distribution and large coverage area, which can greatly improve productivity and spray concentration.

(3) Ultra-low volume method - the high-speed rotating tooth plate is used to pry the liquid to form a droplet of 15 to 75 microns, which can be called ultra-low volume spray without adding any dilution water.

(4) Spraying method——Using high-temperature airflow to thermally fission the preheated smoke agent to form 1~50 micron smoke, and then blow it to the far side with high-speed airflow.

(5) Powder spraying method - spraying the powder onto the crop by the high-speed airflow generated by the fan. .

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