Development status and trend of plant protection machinery

Announcer: Yicheng Machinery  TIME:2019-04-23

Agricultural mechanization is one of the basic characteristics of agricultural modernization and the inherent requirement of modern agricultural development. In recent years, China's agricultural production machinery has developed rapidly. Especially in most areas of food crops, the whole process from farming to harvesting has basically achieved mechanization. Compared with this, plant protection machinery is dwarfed. Although the past run, run, drip, and leak have changed significantly, the Workers and Peasants-16 have basically withdrawn from the market. However, the plant protection machinery currently in large use is still dominated by small-sized machines. Plant protection machinery is relatively backward in the mechanization of cultivation, planting, fertilizer (fertilization), conservation (plant protection), and harvesting of the entire production process. According to the characteristics of the occurrence and control of major crop diseases and insect pests in China, the status quo and trend of agricultural production, and the construction of specialized plant protection teams, light and simplified small and medium-sized machinery will still be the mainstream, which can improve the utilization rate of pesticides and protect the environment. The future of development, the back of the man to the mechanical back is an inevitable trend.
1 Development status of plant protection machinery in China
1.1 The object of plant protection machinery is the complexity and change of crop pests and diseases, which restricts the professional development of plant protection machinery.
The variety of diseases and insect pests and the uncertainty of the occurrence determine the diversity of plant protection measures, such as occasional, sudden, large hair, small hair, etc., which are different from crop cultivation and harvesting. Pest control, it is difficult to regularize and unify mechanical operations, and it is difficult for farmers who lack some plant protection technology and knowledge to act independently. In recent years, although some specialized organizations of plant protection have been established in different organizations, the degree of specialization is very low, which is far from the specialization of mechanical harvesting.

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