What are the maintenance methods for the sprayer?

Announcer: Yicheng Machinery  TIME:2019-04-23

Sprayers and sprayers are a major plant protection device that can cause many failures after use. The following is a brief introduction to its maintenance method.
        1, can not be evenly sprayed. Check: When starting the pumping, the switch is not closed, so that the air chamber is filled with liquid and there is no compressed air. Repair: Remove the air chamber, pour out the pharmaceutical liquid, close the switch, and re-pump the air to pressurize the air in the air chamber.
        2, leaking night. Check: The piston rod cover is leaking around the piston rod. Repair: If the liquid exceeds the specified water level, the excess liquid should be poured out to make it under the specified water level line; if the felt ring or felt rest under the pump cover is damaged, it should be replaced.
        3, spray can not fog. Check: the nozzle hole is blocked, or the switch's water ring is damaged, or the filter is damaged, or the nozzle is blocked or the ball valve is closed and not worn seriously. Service repair: fold off the nozzle cap, take out the orifice to clean and decontaminate; more to remove the water ring, washer, filter and cup; clean the nozzle and ball valve.
        4. It is difficult to pull the rocker. Check: The connecting parts of each activity are rusted, or the plug rod is bent, or the outlet valve is blocked, or the cup is stuck or damaged. Repair: Remove the connecting rods, clean the rust with kerosene, and then apply the lubricating oil as it is; straighten the plug, remove the air chamber and the outlet valve seat, take out the ball valve and clean it; replace the new bowl.
        5. There is no pressure in the air chamber. Check: The gasket is damaged by air leakage, or the cup is either dry or damaged, or the inlet and outlet valves are not tightly closed. Repair: Re-replace the sealing gasket; remove the cup and put it into the oil to soak it for recovery, or replace it with a new one; remove the seat to clean it, or replace the ball valve.

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