By 2020, China’s three major food crops will strive to reach more than 80%

Announcer: Yicheng Machinery  TIME:2019-04-23

On August 17th, I was informed by the Ministry of Agriculture that in order to promote the transformation of agricultural development mode and accelerate the process of agricultural modernization, the Ministry of Agriculture recently issued the "Opinions on the Mechanization of the Main Crop Production Process". According to the opinion, by 2020, the comprehensive mechanized water for the cultivation of rice, wheat and corn will reach more than 80%.

The opinion is that the whole process of mechanization of major crop production will be deployed in various places, and the comprehensive mechanization level of crop cultivation and harvesting will reach 68% in 2020. The comprehensive mechanized water level of the three major food crops will reach over 80%, and mechanized plant protection will be controlled. The level of mechanized straw treatment and mechanized drying treatment has been greatly improved. Focusing on the main areas of grain, cotton and oil and sugar production, we will build about 500 demonstration counties that basically realize mechanization in production, and promote them in the provinces where conditions permit.

The opinions clearly defined the main content of the whole mechanization promotion action, namely positioning nine crops such as rice, corn, wheat, potato, cotton, rape, peanut, soybean and sugar cane, focusing on ploughing, planting, harvesting, plant protection and drying. The six main links, such as straw treatment, focus on improving the mechanization level of the main food crop production and breaking through the main main direction of mechanization “bottleneck” of major economic crop production, and establishing the main technologies for mechanization of all major crop production by crops and sub-regions. mode. The data show that the comprehensive mechanization rate of the three major food crops in China is over 75%.

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