3WYP series plant protection machinery independently researched and developed by the company

Announcer: Yicheng Machinery  TIME:2019-04-23

The company's self-developed 3WYP series of plant protection machinery, and provides pesticide spraying services, has significant advantages over other spraying methods:
     1. High efficiency in spraying pesticides. Usually, a machine can spray 30-40 acres of medicine per hour, which is dozens of times the efficiency of manual work.
     2. The spraying effect is good. The imported nozzle is used to spray more atomized. The height of the spray is adjusted according to the height of the crop, so that the medicine can be sprayed more effectively on the designated part of the crop, which is better and more efficient than the traditional artificial spray.
     3. The cost is lower. Spraying pesticides can generally be rented and billed according to the size of your planted area, which is much lower than the labor cost.
     4, good service. Each car will be equipped with a professional control hand for spraying operations and guiding work.

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